There are various tooth whitening procedures, and the cost of each procedure varies due to different factors such as professional help, location and effectiveness of the procedure.

Since tooth whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure, it does not have insurance cover. This discourages many patients from opting for the procedure.

However, the tooth whitening cost can be covered by various lending organizations and one can quite possibly obtain a discount from the dentist himself. It is best to weigh your options thoroughly before deciding on a procedure to whiten your teeth.

The various types of tooth whitening procedures include:

    Over-the-Counter Tooth Whitening: These procedures are the most popular choice, as they are affordable and quite effective. They include toothpastes, chewing gums, strips and gels. The tooth whitening cost ranges from $5 to $500, thus making them the most affordable option.

    Professional At-Home Tooth Whitening: These are available through a dentist. A custom-fit tooth tray is made which is to be filled with a bleaching gel by the patient twice a day, and fit into the teeth for about half an hour to two hours. This treatment takes about two weeks and the tooth whitening cost is about $200 to $400.

    In-Office Tooth Whitening: This is the most effective type of tooth whitening treatment. Since the professional is at hand throughout the procedure, the results are more visible and more expensive. The tooth whitening cost varies from $300 to $1000. The price depends on the level of whitening desired by the patient. Several methods are available in in-office tooth whitening such as laser tooth whitening and professional bleaching gels.

However, as with all professional procedures, tooth whitening also has certain risks associated with it. Before opting for the procedure one must weigh these risks along with the tooth whitening cost.

    • One of the most common risks associated with the tooth whitening procedures is gum sensitivity. This is more pronounced if the patient already has very sensitive gums. This can occur if the whitening gel comes in contact with the gums during treatment.

    • In addition, the results of tooth whitening procedures might diminish over time, as the tooth continues to absorb stains. This risk is increased if the patient smokes or drinks tea, alcohol or coffee.

    • Most of the time, tooth whitening has very good results. However, sometimes, the results do not match up to the patient’s expectations. This could be a result of the degree of discoloration, the procedure used and the patient’s lifestyle. It can also be affected by whether the patient used the whitening trays as directed by the dentist in the at-home method.

If done properly, tooth whitening can have amazing results that lend a confidence to you, because of the beautiful smile that you will possess. However, because of the risks and the high tooth whitening cost, one should consult with their cosmetic dentist before deciding on a procedure for whitening their teeth. This will help achieve optimum results, and leave the patient satisfied with the result most of the time.

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