After having your teeth whitened, remember to avoid liquids that are not clear for up to four days afterward. During this window of time your teeth will likely be more subject to staining than normal. You should certainly abstain from dark colored Usbeverages like tea or coffee.

Make use of a whitening toothpaste. While not as strong as other methods, they can prevent or get rid of new stains. Silica abrasive is the active ingredient. It is quite mild and works without damaging your teeth.

Use whitening toothpastes and floss to add to your whitening process, and to keep them white. Choose products that contain baking soda to get rid of the stains more efficiently.

Eat crunchy, healthy foods. Carrots, celery, and apples can positively influence the whiteness of your teeth. Because they are abrasive when you chew, they clean your teeth as you eat! Make sure you are not cutting your food or altering it in any way, you want to bite into it whole.

Fresh lemons can naturally whiten your teeth. Rubbing the inner side of a lemon peeling against your teeth can, over time, help to whiten teeth. Lemons are an expensive, fast, and simple teeth whitening regime. The lemon peel method is not only effective, but it lets you avoid the harsh chemicals that commercial whitening products contain.

Mix baking soda with peroxide for an easy to make at home teeth whitening toothpaste. Use this on your teeth for about five minutes. Don’t brush too hard, as this could irritate your gums.

To assist in maintaining bright and clean teeth, try chewing gum after meals. There are even specially formulated gums that are made solely for the purpose of tooth whitening. The ingredients in these gums work to remove stains and discolorations that may be on your teeth. They can also stop stains happening if you use them after a meal.

Don’t ever smoke. While smoking has been known to be bad for your overall health, it is also bad for your teeth. A person who has yellow teeth is usually a smoker. Having a white smile while you are smoking can be very hard. If you cannot quit, at least try to cut back for the benefit of your health, as well as the beauty of your teeth.

Make sure your diet is filled with vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating unhealthy junk food. Try to limit the quantity of snacks you have throughout the day. Making changes to your diet can keep your teeth whiter and reduce your dental bills.

Brushing your teeth regularly can actually be a protective measure. Why don’t you use toothpaste that will aid in whitening your teeth. There are a lot of fine brands out there. Research each a little online first, then pick the one that suits you the best.

Display your confidence with a beautiful stain-free smile. Use the tips above to get started towards having whiter teeth and a big, happy smile. Your days are going to be cheerful and bright now that you have learned these tips and can start putting them to use.

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