A whiter smile will increase your desire to smile, laugh and speak with others. If you have stained and yellow teeth, take heart! Research the various whitening products before you invest your money. You can choose to try a home whitening kit or get a professional treatment done to get the confident, radiant smile you crave.

Brush your teeth with a salt solution. Salt crystals are a very effective, natural way to remove tooth stains. After brushing your teeth with salt, be sure to thoroughly rinse out your mouth. Be careful not to brush with salt for too long because it is abrasive.

TIP! It is a widespread misconception that using lemon and lime juice are good methods for getting your teeth brighter, but this just isn’t the case. In truth, it’s important to avoid them completely.

Stay away from tobacco, coffee, and wine. Each of these substances can cause stubborn stains to form on your teeth. If you cannot live without drinking these liquids make sure you brush soon after drinking them. Many companies started selling mini finger brushes so you are able to use mild abrasives to brush teeth with and you won’t need to have a toothbrush with you at all times. The abrasive effect removes the debris from your teeth immediately.

Chew Thoroughly

To cleanse your teeth naturally, add fruits and vegetables with fiber to your diet. A few examples of these foods include cucumbers, broccoli, carrots and apples. When you eat these fruits and vegetables raw and chew thoroughly, they help scrub your teeth clean. To cover your whole mouth, chew thoroughly, and make sure food moves around in your mouth.

TIP! Walnut tree bark is an effective, natural whitening solution. Walnut tree bark is a natural tooth cleaner; just rub it on your teeth to whiten them.

Eating apples will clean loose debris from your teeth, giving them a whiter appearance. While the effects do not last very long, apples and other foods with an abrasive crunch provide a quick cleaning that temporarily removes stains, but do not damage the enamel of your teeth.

You should brush and floss every day, as well as apply a gum massage. Brushing and flossing following every snack and meal can help your teeth stay white. This way, you will surely remove plaque and food that end up building up and staining your teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide

TIP! Try brushing with a homemade paste made from strawberries. Strawberries are a very effective teeth whitener.

Use hydrogen peroxide for whitening a smile. Dip the cloth into the mixture. After the washcloth is damp, begin by rubbing it up against the surface of your teeth. The gentle rubbing will scrub the surface of the tooth while the hydrogen peroxide soaks in and lightens the stains.

A banana peel can be used to help whiten your teeth. Many people have seen incredible results with this method. Use the banana peel to scrub your teeth before you brush. Next, brush your teeth like you normally would. You’ll see the new whiteness right away!

Try to stay away from citrus fruits, like oranges, if you would like to keep your teeth looking whiter. Additionally, try not to consume any types of drinks with citrus flavoring. The acids contained are terrible for the outer layer of your teeth and weaken their defenses. Acid reflux is a side effect of drinking citrus, and you should moderate the intake of this variety.

TIP! If you want to retain white teeth, avoid using toothpastes that utilize fluoride. Fluoride is an ion commonly found in food, water and soil.

In a time where it is so easy to whiten your teeth, you have no reason to walk around with yellow stained teeth. There are teeth whitening toothpastes, home whitening kits and professional treatments available. Most of these methods are cheap and work quickly.

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