Since time immemorial, there are as many options available for people, who look forward to whitening their teeth and restoring their original color in natural way. By using time-tested natural remedies, you may always preserve the natural color of your teeth. The methods are eco-friendly and they avoid the teeth from exposure to harmful synthetic materials.

Given below are few natural tooth whitening methods that you can try at home:

Natural Tooth Whitening Methods:

    1. Use of crunchy vegetables: Vegetables act as natural abrasives. You may use vegetables as toothbrush for whitening your teeth, as they clean teeth stains thus saving them from further damage. Vegetables mostly used are cucumber, celery, broccoli and carrot.

    2. Strawberries: For whitening teeth naturally, strawberries also prove helpful. Here, you will have to blend the strawberries thoroughly until they become smooth. Try brushing your teeth using this paste with gentle movements. Be careful not to rub the strawberry seeds too hard, as they may damage the teeth gums. Once you are done with brushing, rinse your mouth well with water.

    3. Baking soda: It acts as a natural tooth whitening agent. An age-old method calls for brushing teeth by mixing salt together with baking soda. Gently brush around the gums for visible results. It proves highly effective and useful in doing away with stains. Due to anti-bacterial properties of baking soda, it kills bacteria present in the teeth, which if neglected for a long time causes plaque. Baking soda also reduces acids that may cause harm to tooth enamel. It is safe for use and is obtained easily.

    4. Potassium hydroxide: The use of potassium hydroxide is yet another effective method to whiten teeth. It is obtained from ash, after burning hardwood. People use potassium hydroxide for bleaching. However, it is much popular as a natural tooth whitener. Try it like any toothpaste and see the difference.

    5. Use peroxide for whitening teeth: Peroxide also acts as a natural tooth whitening agent. While buying peroxide, make sure it is not highly concentrated as that in teeth whiteners. First, brush the teeth as usual, then use peroxide for rinsing mouth. Next, rinse your mouth with water. Peroxide does not cause any harm to teeth and hence may be used to whiten teeth.

    6. Try combining peroxide with baking soda: You may also try using baking soda in combination with peroxide for whitening teeth the natural way. It actually can be a great option to take optimum care of your teeth. Many people with dental problems use this remedy and find it resourceful.


All the above options for natural tooth whitening are effective and safe to use. What more, they are environment-friendly and as such carry multiple benefits. These natural teeth whitening agents not only restore the color of your teeth, but also strengthen them from the root offering complete dental hygiene. Hence, it is never a bad idea to try them, as they offer protection to your teeth and help you keep away from potential dental hazards.

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