When you drink, use a straw. Soft drinks and other popular beverages are often responsible for discoloring your teeth. If you drink these beverages with a straw, however, the drink won’t directly touch your teeth. If you can minimize exposure to these beverages, you can enjoy a whiter smile.

Use walnut tree bark to gently rub your teeth in order to eliminate any stains on them. The stains that walnut bark works best on are yellow discolorations from tobacco or soda. As time passes, your teeth will get whiter as discolorations and stains fade away.

Those who drink red wine often find that there is inevitable staining to their teeth. The dark colors of red wine are absorbed by the tooth enamel and set in permanently. The only way to avoid discolored teeth from red wine is to stop drinking it, or at the very least, reduce the amount you consume.

Be sure to floss on a regular basis. Flossing removes food debris and plaque from between teeth, which helps to keep your teeth whiter. Keep floss with you so you can always floss your teeth after you eat. It is especially important to floss before bed because you want to get rid of all the bacteria in your mouth before you go to sleep.

Crunchy veggies and fruits are great teeth whiteners. These aliments contain abrasive agents that will clean your teeth without damaging them. Some great selections to help keep your teeth white include turnips, apples, and carrots.

For whiter teeth, try using a banana peel. Many people recommend this very simple procedure. Rub over your teeth with the banana peel before brushing them. Next, brush your teeth like you normally would. This will instantly brighten your teeth.

If you have teeth with gray discoloration, this is usually caused by something different than the typical food and beverage stains that color teeth brown or yellow, and the gray discoloration is not removable with teeth whiteners. It’ll probably take many treatments in order to have great results with teeth that are extremely discolored.

There is a lack of evidence suggesting that they are more helpful than regular toothpastes. You should talk to your dentist and see if he or she can recommend a brand that is known to work better for most people.

Drinking water often will help your teeth to stay white. A glass of water will rinse your mouth and help keep your teeth from staining. Aim to consume water before and after your meals.

Always see your dentist first if you want to whiten your teeth. It’s possible all your teeth need is a good cleaning. While you are at the dentist mention that you want to start using over the counter whiteners. Your dentist can examine your teeth and determine whether or not it is a good idea. Take care of any dental issues you many have before you begin a whitening procedure, including problems with gums or cavities.

Enamel is a mineral layer that provides protection against infections in the root and other harmful bacteria that can cause your teeth to have problems. Products with toxic chemicals or acidic washes can affect the whiteness of your teeth.

If you have cavities or gum disease that are untreated, you shouldn’t use bleach whitening products whatsoever. You don’t want to cause pain to yourself or increase damage to your gums or teeth. Discuss the alternatives with your dentist to discover what options may be available for your particular circumstances.

Your dentist will be able to recommended the safest and most effective home teeth whitening kits. Some products are superior to others, and your dentist is an excellent resource to help you make the best choice.

If you drink an abundance of sugary drinks or smoke, or even just want very white teeth, these tips can help you get them the way you want them to be. For a bright smile, consider following some or all of these tips.

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