Nowadays, appearance of an individual is considered as one of the important aspects to define one’s personality. For example, if you have a smiling face, then people around you would definitely have a positive impact on you.

Teeth play an important role for your smile. These days, people are conscious enough to maintain oral hygiene. This includes keeping the breath fresh, clean and obviously white teeth.

There are various products available in the market that claim to make the teeth white within certain period. However, a recommendation from a dentist is always a good option before trying any such products.

Easy Homemade Solutions:

There are various homemade teeth whitening solutions that you can try and some of the most effective and popular solutions are mentioned below:

    1. The most basic homemade compound for teeth whitening can be prepared using some hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. You need to mix a teaspoon full of normal baking soda with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to form a paste. You can use this solution for brushing your teeth and making them whiter. If you do not have hydrogen peroxide at home, then you may use table salt as a dependable substitute. In this case, it is best to mix up baking soda in three parts and salt in one part to get the desired results.

    2. Another easy homemade teeth whitening solution includes mixing orange peels and bay leaves. First, you need to dry the orange peels and convert the bay leaves in powder form. Next, you need to mix them and rub on your teeth very gently. The rubbing should be somewhat similar to scrubbing to remove any unwanted stains from your teeth. If done regularly, it is sure that you will get positive results.

Regular alcohol drinkers and smokers often suffer from the problems of stained teeth. Thus, this calls for teeth whitening practices. However, getting a teeth whitening treatment from a dentist these days will cost you highly.

Thus, these homemade teeth whitening solutions are very easy and safe to consider and try. While using the paste on your teeth, you should be careful about not consuming the paste. Keep in mind that the paste is generally advised to keep inside the mouth for not more than two minutes. After rinsing the mouth with water thoroughly and carefully, your teeth will certainly be whiter than before.

Another important point aspect that you need to maintain while using any of these homemade teeth whitening solutions is that you need to limit its usage. Suppose if you use the baking soda mixture for three to five times a day continuously, then it can damage the enamel of the teeth.

Teeth are rich with calcium, which might suffer from erosion if exposed to excess contact of soda. The aftereffect of this problem is again severe.

Another vital tip is that, people suffering from tooth and gum problems should avoid using these homemade teeth whitening solutions, as they can worsen their conditions largely. Therefore, it is better for such people to take proper recommendation and guidance from a dentist.

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