It is made easy for the home made teeth whitening solutions

People who drink excessive of alcohol, tee or coffee, people who smoke a lot will suffer from yellowing of teeth and will get stains one the teeth as well. It could be very much expensive to clean or whiten the teeth by dentist. There are quite a few of the homemade teeth whitening solutions available, which are effective and inexpensive.

Below listed are few of the homemade teeth whitening solutions that will help you a great deal:

Take three spoons of baking soda or two to three spoons of hydrogen peroxide in a small container. If the smell of peroxide is irritating, then you can add the mint flavor into the mixture so that you can eradicate the smell of peroxide. Make thick paste of the powder using water. Apply this mixture on the teeth after washing the teeth with the toothpaste every morning and leave the paste one the teeth for some time.

Ensure that the paste doesn’t get into your stomach. Rinse the mouth after sometime thoroughly with water. This will definitely make your teeth glowing and white. This procedure should not be done not more than 3 to 5 times a month as the amounts of baking soda will affect the enamel of your teeth.

For the above mixture, you will be able to even add the small quantity of salt and toothpaste. People having the problems of gingivitis and cavities, etc should avoid using this remedy which is homemade teeth whitening solution as it will make the gum to appear pale enough and can have the chances of gums getting damaged due to the usage of soda.

Wood ash is another popular remedy and it has gained popularity with the people as it is a homemade teeth whitening agent. Potassium hydroxide is contained in the wood ash that will be very much effective and good for bleaching the teeth and is one of the best agents to be used. The inner placer behind and between the teeth will be reached by the thinner crystals of the wood ash and it will clean the inner things thoroughly. Apply the wood ash should be done carefully as it can wear down or damage the enamel completely.

The other inexpensive and effective homemade teeth whitening methods that are used are the combinations of some of the ingredients including wood ash, strawberries, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. In order to obtain good results with these combinations, you have to make use of these paste after washing the teeth with toothpaste.

Whenever, you are applying all these homemade teeth whitening solutions, you should rub hard against the teeth or should not brush hard as the crystals of ash, small particles of baking sods and small particles of the strawberry seeds might corrode the entire enamel of surface of teeth.

The corrosion of enamel on teeth might look bad on teeth. You have to stop using all these homemade teeth whitening solutions if notice if there is anything pale happening to the enamel and have to consult a dentist immediately. Ensure that, you use the homemade teeth whitening solutions properly to get the best results.

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